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Mitigation Banking

EcoLandCo, LLC is a private investment firm formed by a group of families with strong ties to Florida's history and its landscapes that are passionate about investing and restoring environmentally strategic land in the state of Florida. 

Resource Investing

Water quality, scarcity and the environmental impact of growth have historically been important topics across the nation, but especially in Florida. We believe investors focused on water resources will be rewarded as the market realizes the true cost of protecting and providing access to clean water over the long-term. There are many ways to capitalize on this trend and our focus is on asset-based investments, both directly in our natural resources and through mitigation banking. 

Mitigation Banking

We seek to offset impacts to the environment from real estate development and infrastructure projects through the restoration and conservation of our planet's finite resources. We believe we can overcome the historical inefficiencies and poor quality control within the mitigation banking industry through our platform focused on efficient management, economies of scale and proprietary mitigation intellectual property.  

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